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Karen SussmanKaren Sussman

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner & Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Karen Sussman has been a dual board certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner since 1993. She received her Bachelor’s in the Science of Nursing from Northern Michigan University in 1981, followed by her Master’s in the Science of Nursing in 1999 from Northern Michigan University. She received her Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin through the University of Wisconsin in 1993.

Karen has been a dedicated healthcare worker since 1981 working in various departments, including NICU, ICU, OB, Pediatrics, Endoscopy and Outpatient Surgery. She has worked with Red Cross Blood Drives and a Family Practice in the outpatient setting. Her graduate work took her to the Health Department focusing on Women’s Health, Migrant Workers Clinic, Family Practice, and OB/GYN. She has been a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers since 1977 and has a solid understanding of weight loss struggles and maintenance.

Karen has had a loving marriage of over 30 years and is the mother of two daughters and grandmother to two grandchildren.

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