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MyChart © – Frequently Asked Questions

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myChart loginIntroducing the NEW Cookeville Medical Clinic/Physicians Urgent Care/Cookeville Medical Clinic mychart Patient Portal! We are excited to announce that the CMC/PUC/CMC Patient Portal is now live! Our new patient portal is now easier to use than ever! Once you have created your account you can access all of your health records from one comprehensive menu.
Other features of our new portal are:

  • See the results of Tests
  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Review and pay bills online
  • Communicate securely with members of our staff.

Our easy-to-use, self-service patient portal is available 24/7 and lets you complete common tasks over a secure internet connection from the comfort of your home or from your mobile phone, for wherever life takes you.


  1. What is a patient portal?

The CMC/PUC/CMC MyChart Patient Portal is a free and secure way to access your health record. It enables you to securely use the internet to receive information about your health online, anytime.

  1. How do I get access to the CMC/PUC/CMC MyChart Patient Portal System?

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  1. When logging in, what information do I use?

You will use email and password you use to setup your account.

  1. What is an FMH Secure Login?

It is an authentication method you can use to create a unique username/password specific to your portal account. No longer do you have to use your login credentials from Facebook, Google, etc. – Though that option still exists if it’s your preferred login method.

  1. Do I need to create an account for each of my family members?

The first time you set up your portal account, you will be creating an account for yourself. After that account is created, it will then prompt you to go through the steps of registering as a proxy for your relative. If you have additional relatives you will log in and only register as a proxy for each of their accounts. Once you are registered for each person as a proxy, the system will automatically link all the accounts together. You will use the same login to access all accounts.

  1. What is a proxy account?

A proxy account is an account that allows parents or guardians access to a minor child’s medical record or elderly relative who is not comfortable with using the internet. Registering as a proxy for your relative will allow you to view their medical record. At the point your child hit’s 18, you will only have access to historical information and will be unable to view any new medical information.

  1. Will I be creating my own personal account during the registration process?

Yes. Once you have logged into your account you can access your children’s accounts by using the drop down menu in the top right of the screen or by tapping the i symbol by your name on the mobile app.

  1. Can I complete the registration process using a mobile device?

Yes, registering for a portal account has never been easier! Using your mobile device, you can now create a portal account before you even leave our office. Simply click the link contained in the invitation email and follow the steps.

  1. How do I download the app?

To download the app, scroll up towards the top of this page and click on the either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store link to download.

  1. What if I forget my user ID or password?

Once you have selected the login method that you have previously used, a new window will open. Click the link at the bottom to view directions on how to retrieve your user ID or password.

  1. Does the CMC/PUC/CMCMyChart Patient Portal System information go to a third party service?

No. The login information will only be used to sign into the patient portal, no medical information will pass to any third party service (for example, if you sign in through Facebook, no medical information is available on Facebook to either yourself or your Facebook friends.)

  1. How do I request an appointment?

On the home screen of your account, there is an appointment section. Click the request button and a new window will open. Select a provider and type in the reason for the appointment. Next, select a preferred day, time and add any comments and click submit to complete the request. Our office will call or email to confirm the date and time of the appointment.

  1. How do I request a prescription refill?

On the home screen of your account, click the “My Health” tab and then the “Medication” tab. There, you can view all medications prescribed to your child. Click on the pill bottle, next to the medication, to request a refill. A new window will open, in which you may add any comments and click send. Once the prescription is accepted and renewed you will receive an email notification.

  1. Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! At the bottom of the home screen of your child’s account, there is a billing section. Click on the “Make A Payment” button to view invoices and make payments. Please check each relatives account to view and pay their individual invoices.

  1. What if I have a question about mine or a loved ones health record?

If you have a question about your child’s health record, it is best to contact our office or speak to your provider during an appointment.

  1. How do I get medical advice if me or my loved one is sick?

If your child is sick, please call our office to schedule an appointment or speak to a nurse.

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